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[thread] Time for work [Owl, Open]

Being a semi-misanthropic albino meant having a tendency to find secluded dark places, and Owl had just spent the past hour in a small closet-esque room that was home to a full wall of security cameras. He sat on the edge of the desk with one leg crossed over the other and swung his arms gracefully to the motions of the doctors hurrying down hallways or forlorn patients rocking back and forth in their cells. He hummed to himself and smiled; the blue glow of the TV screens giving the look an unearthly quality.

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Kyouya breathed in a long sigh of--...well, it wasn't quite relief or exasperation; maybe just something in between. The halls were white, cold, and sterile-smelling as always. The sound of his feet trudging down the way echoed lightly, making the building seem cold and empty. He ran his free hand through his hair before stuffing it in the pocket of his white coat. In his mind, he briefly wondered how he was going to get away with this one.

It definitely wasn't the smartest idea he'd ever had.Collapse )


The doctors were getting tense. It was like an electric shock through the entire medical section of the base. Something was changing, or was about to happen, or had started and now couldn't be stopped. There was an uneasiness, a tighter line to everything, daily life just a hair less relaxed than usual.

It was driving Kimura Ren absolutely crazy.Collapse )

bulletin 002 & bulletin 002.5

Posted for the information of all government employees, including medical personnel.

The second level serum injections will begin as scheduled. All test subjects not classified at the A level are to receive this series of injections. Medical personnel concerned with the progress of individual subjects should submit files to site administrators to request class changes. The use of deadly force is now authorized on all classes.

Superiors remain on call for further questions.


Posted for the information of all government employees, excluding medical personnel.

Certain persons on the medical staff have been reporting concern that their coworkers are not fully executing their duties and preventing certain information from being reported to the proper authorities. All medical personnel are therefore to be brought in for evaluation before the end of the month.

Superiors remain on call for further questions.


[thread] In a daze [open]

 Ryou raised a hand to his head as he shuffled down a very long and very clean hallway.  
Despite what others may have thought, Kyouya was actually a rather proficient and efficient person when it came to preparation. Between every patient that was assigned to him, he only needed a few minutes to flip through their files and skim through their progress. Plus, check ups were such routine things, any normal person could move through them in auto-drive. And this was just another one, right?Collapse )

[thread] Appearance [Howl, OPEN]

Howl groaned. It felt like someone had removed everything inside his head and replaced it with tightly packed cotton. It took him a few moments to realize that the noise he was hearing was a mix of medical jargon and tersely snapped commands. He pried his ice-blue eyes open and blinked against the harsh light. He must have made a noise, because suddenly there was a face looming above him, mercifully blocking out the light.Collapse )


Honestly, Kyouya hated inoculation day. It meant he had spent his entire morning combing over dozens of patients' panicked thoughts, searching for secrets and clues only to turn directly back around and repeat those private revelations to the government officials standing coldly behind him with clipboards and pens in hand. Useful as his power might have been, it wasn't exactly the most fun either. There was only a certain amount of foreign screaming in his mind he could take, really.

Now done with his morning routine, he slid into the break room for some poorly brewed coffee while awaiting his next assignment. Fun was in store for him. The day wasn't even half over yet after all. Grimacing, he stuffed his free hand stiffly into his pocket and drained the foul-tasting coffee with one gulp.

"I wonder what's lined up next," he mumbled with a sigh to himself, pouring himself another cup of coffee.

It was going to be a long day.


[thread] short circuits [Allen, Ren]

[open to any subjects cleared since the bulletin 1 vaccinations]

He'd lost track of how long it had been since his arrival. The panic of his arrival had never returned, which was a good sign. Then again, the warm quiet feeling of whoever it was who had held him down that day (he'd had a friend by that man's name, if only he could remember what it was) hadn't returned either. It wasn't a bad thing, but...

Blinking, Ren refocused his attention on the hallway in front of him. The orderly's grip on his arm loosened, hand moving until it was pushing him through yet another door. It wasn't, however, into yet another examination room.Collapse )